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Amazing Slack Features You May Not Know About!

Most people in the startup or small business community have heard of Slack and probably share a passion for this fantastic messaging tool. Whether it’s because of the organization it encourages, the many application integrations, or the ease of file sharing; there’s no other messaging platform like Slack. You may consider yourself a seasoned veteran …

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4 Productivity-Killing Mistakes That New Entrepreneurs Make

Making mistakes is part of every new entrepreneur’s journey. In some cases, errors could even lead to valuable lessons that can propel you to the next stage of your business. However, there are certain types of mistakes that are downright counterproductive, and avoiding them can put hours back into your day. Here are 4 of …

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work-life balance

5 Ways to Build a Stronger Life-Work Balance

Business owners are passionate about their companies. They spend as much time as possible refining and improving it. Whether meeting customer needs or developing a new product to scale the business forward, entrepreneurs spend a significant amount of their time focused on growth and success. This leaves little time to enjoy the spoils of that …

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5 Productivity Hacks for Small Businesses in 2018

Photo Courtesy of Betterment.com The word ‘productivity’ has always been synonymous to ‘time.’ Having previously owned Nom Nom Truck, a food truck that was up and running across multiple cities in California, 7 days a week, I have been well-assimilated to these two words. And in the process of running my own business, I developed …

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Increase Your Productivity and Focus at Work with Technology

At CUE we LOVE productivity hacks. Did you know that simply smiling more can make you more productive? Having more fun, prioritizing tasks, and better communication are excellent practices to improve your productivity, but when talking about ways to be more efficient we often forget about focus. Without a doubt, the biggest killer of my …

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Why slacking off is good for your productivity: 8 hacks to have fun at work

Are you giving it your all every day? You may think you are, but working really hard until you feel burned out is actually counterproductive. The truth is, your day would be more productive by trying to implement a few of these fun or unexpected productivity hacks. As a small business ourselves, CUE knows that …

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