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Mobile Credit Card Processing for Small Business & the Perks of Cashless Payments

As a small business owner, you need to offer simple payment methods to your customers. If you make it difficult for them to pay you for your products or services, they may choose to do business with your competition. There are a number of perks to accepting cashless payments. Understanding the payment methods and how …

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tools to start a business

12 Essential Tools Every Startup Should Consider

Here’s one of the best things about being an entrepreneur today: you don’t need a whole lot of capital in your pocket to get your business off the ground. If you have a cool idea, a compelling story, and some marketing chops to boot, it’s entirely possible to raise all the money you need through …

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Know Your Worth: Determine How Much to Pay Yourself in 5 Easy Steps

All of your life, you’ve probably worked and received a paycheck from someone, else until now: now you’re the boss of your own business. You’re the alpha dog, the head of the pack, and you now have people report to you (or maybe it’s just you!). But, wait — it’s the end of the month, …

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