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5 Research-Based Strategies for Overcoming Procrastination

Chances are that at this very moment you’re procrastinating on something. Maybe you’re even reading this article to do so. A while back, I took a year to experiment with every piece of personal productivity advice I could find. In becoming hyperaware of how I spent my time, I noticed something: I procrastinated a lot …

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Business Uprising: 4 Insights on Building a Company

Last week CUE attended ‘The Power of Starting Small,’ presentation by Jenna Walker former CEO and co-founder of Artifact Uprising. SheSays hosted the event. Walker discussed the journey of starting the e-commerce branding force that sells custom photo books and prints. CUE has attended many founder presentations and events, but this one stood out because …

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Which is Better to Work For: A Corporate or Tech-Startup?

Big corporations were considered to be undisputed leaders of the job market with the best-in-class salaries, stability, and a predictably growing career graph. However, with the advent of the modern-day internet and its associated software-tech industry, the dynamics have changed rather significantly. Startups are giving these corporate giants a run for their money when it …

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