Tag: Customer Engagement

Oscar Wilde was wrong, or the truth about email marketing

Like Oscar Wilde wrote so precisely over a century ago: “The truth is rarely pure, and never simple”. At times, we all feel this way. Try getting your significant other to say what they would REALLY like to eat for dinner tonight, after cryptically being “up for anything!” and yet rejecting all of your suggestions. …

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Why should your business opt for a CRM solution?

The business landscape is changing dramatically. Everyone seems to agree that there is one thing that you simply cannot ignore — your customers. Customers want faster transaction times, and sales prospects are more discerning than ever. Small businesses looking to attract, keep and grow its clientele can benefit from a Customer Relationship Management(CRM) solution with …

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Let’s talk digital — appointment scheduling in the 21st century

In this digital world, consumers tend to rely on doing many things via the Internet or mobile. Managing the phones, the appointment books, and sending out timely follow up and appointment reminder notifications can be a burden when business is bustling and phones seem to be ringing off the hook. At times even the possibility …

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