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Square is one of the top point-of-sale systems, and for good reason — there are few solutions like them, but what also distinguishes Square is how flexible they are in their plans. Depending on the size and needs of your business, you can purchase aspects and features that would best serve you and your company as opposed to buying a one-size-fits-all plan.

As Square has so much to give and so many choices for you, making a decision on what would help you as a small business owner might take a lot of time.

CUE is here to help: our focus is to assist you in making the right choice for your business based on what is best for your business. After extensively studying Square, here are just a few of the many features Square offers that our team thinks will be interesting to you to help your small business grow:

  1. Payments

Send invoices by email or print them out, and it’s easy too with customizable forms and templates so you can include your business logos or colors so it looks like your own.

Payments through Square are secure and fast: deposits into your bank account can be as little as two business days!

Square also provides your business with mobile payment hardware, and can take payments via computer too — you don’t even have to worry about connectivity issues, as Square’s system allows you to take offline payments.

2. Payroll

Being an employer means having to understand all of the complicated intricacies of the payroll system, even if the only employee is you.

With Square, you can import payrolls easily and you can assure that you are being compliant with laws. You don’t even have to worry about calculating withholdings and payments, as Square provides tax filings at no extra cost!

Take a load off of your plate: Square makes it effortless for you to empower your employees to make their own schedules. Your staff can edit their time codes, clock in on Square’s point-of-sale (PoS) system, and get their pay stubs emailed to them. Each employee gets to make their own pin-code so that their information is protected and so that they can clock in at Square’s PoS.

3. Customer Engagement

Building and maintaining your customer relations is important: you want to get clients and retain them.

Square assists you in engaging and keeping customers. You can understand who your customers are and better cater to them through tracking creating customer profiles in a directory. This directory stores information like their buy history, customer profiles, visits to your site, their feedback and you can group clients into more specific listings so you can send more targeted and effective email campaigns.

If a client has a complaint, Square lets them message you directly and privately so you can settle any customer dissatisfaction — this feature lets you be able to address any issues more quickly and personally, along with preventing these gripes from reaching any of your public pages.

4. Dashboard

Square offers so much to your small business, that the number of features to access may feel overwhelming. How can you keep track of them all?

To make it easier, Square has a dashboard from which you can access all of your apps and data (and it’s also available on your mobile phone!)

You can see and use all of the functions available above like:

  • Manage your employees
  • Track customer engagement
  • Monitor and edit your appointments
  • Access the App Marketplace, which add-ons like QuickBooks

One central place to follow and oversee your company and staff in real time.

And we’ve barely touched upon the rest of what Square can do for your business!

Posted by CUE Expert Team

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