Traditional customer service needs a lot of manpower. If your company is answering calls and emails manually, you also can’t respond quickly to all of your customer’s queries. Artificial intelligence can help give you the speed and flexibility your company needs.

How AI Customer Support Can Improve Customer Service

With the rise in online business activity, there are more ways for your customers to reach you. They can send in forms, discuss problems on forums, and reach out through social media. Customers will also send in emails and, if your company supports it, text messages. 

AI tools like chatbots can help customers with basic queries. This leads to quick resolution and customer satisfaction. AI tools can also:

  • Send automated responses with links to the right FAQ and help pages.
  • Ask customers for relevant specifics to create a more comprehensive help case that solves problems faster.
  • Place orders and save customer preferences.

How AI Can Assist Human Support

But sometimes customers want to talk to a human. That doesn’t mean the process has to be slow or too manual. Use AI customer support as your first response to solve basic problems quickly and queue complicated questions the right way. Smart customer service tools can also help human users organize their workload and solve problems faster. Here’s how:

1. Use AI to sort and route support inquiries.

If your customer support team has a workflow chart for redirecting support questions, AI tools can learn it. Chatbots can be trained to recognized keywords and make sure the right human receives the question. Not only does this cut down on delays and redirection, it reduces the risk of dropped queries. 

This solution isn’t just for chatbots. You can employ keyword recognition and query sorting through automated phone systems, email inboxes, and social media. If your company uses Salesforce, use a tool like that can integrate with your go-to platform. You don’t have to worry about people dropping the ball when reminders are right in their primary workspace.

2. Use AI for enhanced phone support. 

When you have a customer on the line, you don’t have time to troubleshoot the problem. You need to have the best possible answer and be able to present it clearly. 

AI customer support can provide live assistance to your customer service representatives over the phone. It can pull up common problems based on keywords in the call and suggest next steps. 

Artificial intelligence can even help after the call is over. Because AI and machine learning focus on patterns, your tools can analyze your company’s call statistics. You can better plan out work schedules, find out which strategies work in aggregate, and find outliers.

AI Changes How Businesses Respond to Customer Queries

Customer service isn’t just about solving the problem. It’s about making sure your customers continue to have a great experience with your company. Artificial intelligence customer support can help you manage and delight your customers.

1. Augment your messages. 

The more personalized messages are, the more they resonate with your target market. Chatbots like the bot in LiveChat can help decide which tone to take with customers based on their initial queries and responses. They can also tap into customer profiles to personalize email responses and anticipate future needs. Even better, your employees can see all of the chat histories from an internal interface. That helps your employees know when they need to step in and what augmentation works the best.

2. Use AI customer support as a brand manager. 

In a highly competitive market, your most important asset is your company’s reputation. Use AI tools that integrate with social media to get ahead of negative responses or angry reviews.

But brand management isn’t just a concept for when something goes wrong with public relations. You can also use a wide variety of AI tools to schedule your social media responses, to thank customers for positive feedback, and to add complex problems to the right employee’s to-do list.

The Future of AI Customer Service

Customer service will always need humans, but the role of people is changing. More and more companies are saving their employees for complex problems and creative thinking. They’re using a combination of applications that improve their company’s efficiency which include automated responses and AI tools to instantly respond to quick questions and to start the troubleshooting process. 

Customers will continue to use a wider array of communication tools and feedback platforms. Company success will also continue to depend on the customer’s experience, not just a quick resolution. AI customer support tools can solve both problems at once.

Recommended Solutions:


This tool makes it easy to talk to customers in real time. You don’t have the delays or long back-and-forths that happen over email, and younger customers dislike conversations over the phone. Use AI engagement features to start the conversation and make sure the right employee receives the query instantly.

Having too many different tools can make customer support harder, but integrates with Salesforce so nothing gets lost. This tool doesn’t just help greet and respond to customer queries. It links help cases and problems to the customer’s central account. This helps your department escalate cases to the right department, whether it’s IT or Finance. Salespeople can also look over the history to retain customers and sell more products.

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