Most people in the startup or small business community have heard of Slack and probably share a passion for this fantastic messaging tool. Whether it’s because of the organization it encourages, the many application integrations, or the ease of file sharing; there’s no other messaging platform like Slack. You may consider yourself a seasoned veteran of the messaging platform, but here are a few fantastic Slack features that you may not know about and might want to implement in your company’s workspace. Not familiar with Slack, or still not sure it is for you? Click here to see what all the fuss is about. 

Polls and Voting

Slack allows for integration with an application called Polly, which makes voting as a team really easy. You can create polling layouts and send them to various channels.

Optional anonymity, response feedback, and comments are all included. Polling and Voting can be used to decide where to order lunch, what time works best for a meeting, or even to get feedback on the office environment, which can be extremely valuable in assuring you have a happy and efficient team.


By typing “/remind”, you can enter a point that you want to remember at a specified time. You can also remind someone else with this same feature. It can be handy when you’re in a meeting and want to make sure you remember to do something based on the discussion. It can also be used for personal tasks that you don’t want to forget about when you get home from work.

Custom Loading Messages

Slack will provide you with messages when you refresh your workspace page. This could be motivational quotes, Slack tips, or even your own custom messages! Send a friendly note to your team, tell a funny joke, etc. for the team to see when they start up Slack at the beginning of the day.

Custom Emojis

With a 128px x 128px image, you can create your very own emojis within Slack! Just go here, and you can make an emoji out of anything! It could be your logo, your face, an inside joke. Custom Emojis are a fun way to laugh with your team without distracting too much from the conversation.

GIF Integration

Giphy is a popular GIF provider that brings constant laughter to our mobile devices. You can now integrate it into your workspace and by typing “/giphy [relevant words],” Giphy will insert the corresponding GIF to be sent to your team. Just enable Giphy in your settings.

  • Tip: If you’re sick of the GIFs plaguing your channels, just type “/collapse” to make them temporarily disappear.

These are just a few of the many features that make Slack, so fun to use at work, as well as a useful communication tool. Slack can also be integrated with some of the software solutions on our website including Hubspot, Trello, MailChimp, Office 365 Features, and more! Be sure to check these out and the other software solutions to see how they might benefit your operations.

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