How often do you find yourself at a standstill in how to effectively engage in communications with your clients and customers? You know the importance of developing an intercommunication network to retain your clients and partners but you need a few tips, some advice, or maybe even a whole fresh outlook. ChatUp can help you find within yourself how to be a more compelling communicator by providing you the opportunity to learn from industry experts and thought leaders who will cover a broad range of topics such as : channel management, lead qualification and conversion, data insights, the future of customer experience — and they will be hosting the Live chat Best Practices Conference in the naturally gorgeous Boulder, Colorado May 18th and 19th. We know your time is invaluable, and time is a finite commodity, but the priceless advice and insight you will gain will benefit in the growth of you and your business. Here are some exclusive highlight to get excited for

Great Speakers and Topics

ChatUp has researched and procured industry-leading experts whose bottom line and inner-drive is to help people like you. Through relevant topics and pertinent real-world tested information, you will be guided through complex communication issues and challenged to transform the way you think.

How to Choose the Right Support Channels for Your Business

If you had unlimited funds and resources, choosing the various ways in which you could respond and interact with your customer-base would be a breeze; however, life is not this way and we are constrained by realistic budgets.

Tim Thyne of Help Scout is passionate about maintaining the quality of customer care while taking into account your business expenditure through his work at Help Scout. Help Scout assists companies in determining how to intelligently select support channels based on pragmatic limitations, such as team size and the pathways in which your customers interact with your staff. In his section, Tim will provide you key insights on how you can discover the unique investments needed for each type of support channel, and how to formulate an equation specific to your company to determine which support channels will grow your establishment the most.

Making Sense of Your Live Chat Data: How to Prove ROI and Drive Growth

Installing a live chat is an investment — and not one that can so easily be sold in its inherent value to your stakeholders. You need to present your investors with hard data, to reveal how your (live chat) benefits both your customers and company. Not all information you obtain through your arduous assessments will present the overarching positive outcome on business, and you know that even some unfavorable findings will affect the perception of your skeptical audience.

Jennifer Zawazcki, a data analysis expert at Confidence Interval, deals with these sorts of uncertainties every day: she has a plan you can easily follow so you can interpret the complex information you collect from your research, and reframe these findings into constructions so that anyone would be convinced of the benefits of having a live chat solution.

How to Leverage Live Chat to Get More Out of Inbound Marketing

End users easily go astray and miss the message you are trying to convey to them. This misunderstanding can be adjusted by using live chat and will ensure that your end user sees what you want them to, ultimately taking them from a lead to a sale.

Andrea Steffes-Tuttle practices what she preaches she is the co-founder of EasyMAS, which offers software that automates marketing. She has extensive knowledge of marketing and how individuals react to it. In Andrea’s event topic she will provide you with a strategy on how to reach end users more efficiently through marketing and how to transition them into paying customers.

Soak Up the Sun in Peaceful Colorado

Boulder, Colorado sees 3 million visitors a year and is a mecca for people of all ages and interests — and for good reason.

Experience the illustrious Pearl Street, where you will be able to enjoy the eclectic community and plethora of local shops that make Boulder so engaging. You will get to try food from nationally acclaimed establishments in all price ranges while being wowed by views of the Flatirons and surrounding mountain ranges.

With over 300 days of sun a year, Boulder is the perfect place to indulge in your inner outdoorsman whether you’ve summited high peaks or only have experience strolling around your local park. The ChatUp Conference takes place on a Thursday and Friday so you can make your trip an extended weekend vacation and take in Boulder for all that it has to offer.

Come and Join Us

By the end of this conference, you will have become a master in customer communication with the ability to apply your newfound skills to grow your business in idyllic Colorado. This will be a life-changing experience, so what is stopping you? To see more details on the ChatUp Conference, please click here so you can revolutionize your business communication.