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The Impact of Technology on Business & Entrepreneurship

  CUE Marketplace founder and investor, Kevin O’Hara (BS ’83, Trustee, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Congruex, LLC) recently sat on a panel hosted by his alma mater, Drexel University. The panel was facilitated by

Startups need top talent

5 Keys to Hiring Coding Boot Camp Grads

Hiring technical talent has always been one of my most difficult tasks as a startup CTO. Development talent is in short supply for all company sizes, and we’ll see an estimated 30% increase in the number

How To Work From Home With Maximum Productivity

Working from home is a hot topic right now. What with the companies like IBM and Yahoo bringing their workers back into the office, those of us who have the flexibility to work from home,

6 Things to Consider When Choosing Payroll Services for Your Small Business

Payroll is a significant time commitment for any small business owner, but part of that necessary admin that keeps the doors open. Not all small businesses are the same, and any quality payroll provider must

3 Traits Of A Successful Business

Arguably, running a business today is more challenging than in the past because, with ever-evolving technology, the stakes are always changing. There is also more free advice, and more opportunities for small business owners to

Why Your Business Needs These Six Free Google Tools

Just think about what you do when you are looking for something on the Internet — a majority of the population including myself, use Google! So, if the majority of people are using Google, then you as

3 Ways to Build Community Virtually with Your Remote Workers

Building community within a company is crucial to success. Now more than ever, with some teams being a mix of office and remote work. 43% of people surveyed by Gallup in 2016 say they spend

QuickBooks vs. FreshBooks: How to find the right accounting software for your business

Here is our video and head-to-head comparison assessment to decide if FreshBooks vs. QuickBooks is right for you. Know what you want right now? Head to our website for Free trial of FreshBooks 50% off

Stop Complaining About Daylight Savings Time (and Start Being Excited About This Instead)

The Monday after Daylight Savings time is rough. Not only did you lose a precious hour of your Sunday, but this morning you are sleepy. It is times like these when people often wonder, ‘what

What An Email List Can Do For Your Business

Small businesses live and die on sales, but no matter how great of a salesperson you are timing is the most significant x-factor for purchasing. People are marketed to constantly, so giving the power back

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