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3 Classic Mistakes New Small Business Owners Make (and How to Prevent Them)

With a small budget in hand and a big dream in your heart, your trek on the small business highway begins. If you’re like most new business owners, you’ll learn as you go and make plenty of mistakes. It’s to be expected. While many of your foibles will be par for the course and can …

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Are You Making This Cybersecurity Mistake?

Whether you are starting a business, or have been running one for a while, something that should be on your radar is Cyber Security Insurance. It might not be on your radar, but here’s why it’s essential. It costs an estimated $86.5K for a small or medium business to recover from a single security incident, …

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How to Find the Right Insurance for Your Small Business

If you’re starting a business, you probably have a plan and a to-do list. One thing that needs to be on it is small business insurance. While all business owners know they need protection, the potential time and money drain can be offputting. Next Insurance surveyed 30,000 small business owners and found that 44% did …

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Grammarly: The Next Big Thing in Writing

Are you confident that every piece of writing you put out into the world has perfect spelling and exceptional grammar? There is no reason your answer shouldn’t be yes, and here is why. Grammarly. We have been using a Premium Grammarly account at CUE Marketplace for a year and a half. In the beginning, it …

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Is Email Marketing Dead?

Digital marketing is often focused on the new trends, so it is no wonder that many are asking whether the days of email marketing are dead. Certainly, spammy, repetitive, and annoying emails have lost any of the meager effectiveness they once had. However, email as a medium has become, if anything, more valuable to the …

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Tips to Grow Your Startup/ Small Business by Asking Better Questions

To be a successful entrepreneur, you must possess passion and drive, as well as the follow-through to turn ideas into reality. Your desire to be successful must be at the forefront of your mind with everything you do. Additionally, you must always be learning. Sometimes the best thing you can do to grow your business …

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4 Technologies That are Transforming How SMBs Do Business

“Revolutionary.” “Innovative.” “Game-changing.” These are just some of the big, bold adjectives that people throw around when describing new trends or technologies. Heck, you may have heard these first-hand from a friend, colleague, or (more likely) a salesperson trying to get you to sign up for their product or service. While there’s nothing wrong about …

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Top 10 Emerging HR Trends

We live in the age of disruption. Every industry, every job, and every company may find itself changing rapidly, subject to forces affecting the globe. Changes in technology and the internet create disruption across all phases of business. Human Resources professionals find themselves at the forefront of these changes, assisting management and employees to navigate …

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Amazing Slack Features You May Not Know About!

Most people in the startup or small business community have heard of Slack and probably share a passion for this fantastic messaging tool. Whether it’s because of the organization it encourages, the many application integrations, or the ease of file sharing; there’s no other messaging platform like Slack. You may consider yourself a seasoned veteran …

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How AI Customer Support Can Improve Customer Service

Traditional customer service needs a lot of manpower. If your company is answering calls and emails manually, you also can’t respond quickly to all of your customer’s queries. Artificial intelligence can help give you the speed and flexibility your company needs. How AI Customer Support Can Improve Customer Service With the rise in online business …

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